stash dash 2018

I’m participating in Stash Dash 2018 hosted by the Knit Girllls! Stash Dash is a virtual dash race to use up stash and/or finish WIPs. Learn more about Stash Dash in this video!

I’ve set a goal of 3k, which means knitting up 3 kilometers (that’s 3,000 meters or 3,281 yards) of yarn between May 25 and August 7.

I’m keeping a running post of my progress in Stash Dash to see if I can meet my goal!

Running Specs

Total Meters: 1,581.5 (halfway!)
number of completed projects: 4
meters to go: 1,418.5
on the needles now: a new pair of self-striping socks (290 meters expected), waiting for July 1st to cast-on my Beekeeper Cardigan (900 meters expected), maybe a Tegna soon?

Completed Projects


project: Sonora Sunset Socks
meters: 295.0
blog post: here
ravelry project page: here


project: Funfetti Socks
meters: 290.0
blog post: here
ravelry project page: here


project: The Weekender Sweater
meters: 804.7
blog post: here
ravelry project page: here



project: Harlow Hat (reversible)
meters: 191.8
blog post: coming soon
ravelry project page: here


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